Wednesday, 4 December 2013

67th Session of the Working Party 1 on Road Safety Begins Tomorrow Opens with Europ-Asia Road Safety Forum

Shri Oscar Fernandes, the Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways
Shri Oscar Fernandes, the Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways will inaugurate the 67th Session of Working Party 1 (WP 1) ( that is Europe-Asia Road Safety Forum) of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).The Session is being held on 4 – 6th December 2013 at Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), Faridabad. The first day of the WP 1 Session that is 4th December, 2013 will be set aside for an inaugural Europe-Asia Road Safety Forum. 

UNECE is one of the five United Nations regional commissions, administered by the Economic and Social Council. The UNECE manages a total of 57 transport related legal instruments which are negotiated by the Governments across the world which become legally binding for the countries that accede to them. 

Working Party 1 (WP 1) is a unique, inter-governmental body that administers several global road safety conventions such as the 1949 and 1968 Conventions on Road Traffic and the 1968 Convention on Road Signs and Signals. Working Party 1 (WP 1) also considers and recommends many road safety policy tools and its current agenda includes driver assistance systems, driving permits, variable message signs, multidisciplinary crash investigations, distracted driving and secure parking areas. 

While Working Party 1 (WP 1) meetings are usually held at the UNECE’s premises in Geneva, this time a Special session is being convened outside Geneva, at IRTE’s premises in NCR, India. The choice of the New Delhi location is aimed at facilitating participation from United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) member states and helping to promote accession and a more effective implementation of United Nations road safety conventions. This goal is consistent with recent General Assembly resolutions on “improving road safety”, UNESCAP’s Resolution 48/11 on facilitating transport across borders and objectives of the Decade of Action for Road Safety. Holding a Working Party 1 (WP 1) Session in New Delhi will also allow for a more conductive exchange of views and best practices between European and Asian government officials and experts. To this end first session has been set aside for an inaugural Europe-Asia Road Safety Forum. 

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