Friday, 30 May 2014

Power Supply Position of Uttar Pradesh

The peak demand of Uttar Pradesh is of the order of 12,700 MW out of which around 10,700 MW is met leaving a shortfall of around of 2,000 MW at present. Paricha plant of 500 MW capacity which went on forced outage yesterday has been restored and is generating on full load. Now another private sector plant Anpara-C of 600 MW is out because of non-procurement of imported coal by the generating company. Coal supply to that plant from Coal India is more than 90% which is as per the linkage granted to that plant. The availability of power from the Central Generating Power Stations (CGPS) to UP is also normal. The State is not taking power equivalent to its allocation from gas based stations of Anta, Aurayia and Dadri and in case requisition is made by the State Distribution Utilities, about 300 MW can be made available immediately. The coal stock position of other State thermal units is comfortable and adequate. 

Solutions available to the State Government: 

The internal generation of UP is approx. 10,100 MW out of which only 4,500-5,500 MW is currently available which can be improved by the State to meet its shortage. Power can also be requisitioned from other surplus States of northern region for which there is no transmission constraint. Further, 377 MW from NTPC’s Jhajjar plant is also available which can be requisitioned by the State. During the election days, UP did procure 277 MW from NTPC’s Jhajjar plant from 3rd May to 15th May, 2014. 

In addition to these sources, UP can also procure adequate power from the power exchanges to meet its shortage. 

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